Why Tour the Road to Hana

Why Tour the Road to Hana?

Simply put, the Road to Hana is the most beautiful drive in Hawaii. It is definitely one of the most beautiful drives in the world.

You will see:

  • Incredible Waterfalls
  • Black Sand Beaches
  • Bamboo Fields
  • Hidden Coves 
  • Tremendous surfing beaches
  • Unique Volcanic Cinder Cones
  • Maui's Only Winery
  • Views that will knock your socks off

and so much more...



Do You Have a Rental Car?

Most people on Maui rent a car. But most visitors on the Road to Hana take a tour. The reason: your car cannot drive the entire road.


Rental car contracts require drivers to turn around near Hana and come back the same way, missing so many amazing sights.


The other reason for you to take a tour: our tour guides know where to go. We know which waterfalls are worth stopping at and which beaches are best for you to swim at. We also know where to find you the tastiest fruit and get the best photos for your vacation memories.


Besides, it is a difficult road to drive. Leave it to the professionals so you can sit back and enjoy the view.



Why is the Trip so Long?

It’s a long drive. Driving the same route without stopping it would take you about 8 hours. Our friendly guides know the right amount of time to spend at each stop so that you can see it all in one day.


So sit back, relax, and take it ALL in.



What's for Lunch?

Choose from our delicious lunch options, included with your tour and prepared fresh daily, using only the finest local ingredients.

  • Honey Roast Turkey with Havarti Cheese, served on a French Roll 
  • Chinese Chicken Salad Wrap
  • Chinese Tofu Wrap (Vegan Option)
  • Black Forest Ham, Salami, and Havarti Cheese, served on a Ciabatta Roll 

Why? Because that way we can offer a consistent lunch that we know is delicious and from a legal, permitted kitchen that adheres to excellent health standards.



Lunch is located at a beautiful location right near a black sand beach where you can swim.



This is a Great Value

The tour itself is a good value because you have a friendly tour guide, who knows how to navigate the difficult roads, a nice picnic lunch, an air-conditioned mini-coach with captains chairs and large windows, and pick-up right at your hotel!



Save Your Marriage

On the Road to Hana we see couples in rental cars who wished they came on our tour. The driver says that they didn’t get to see the waterfalls because they were concentrating on the road. The passengers say that they were scared the whole time about the cliffs on this unfamiliar road. They both get afraid that they are lost and are not sure if they’ll make it back before dark.


Save yourself this agony and let us do the driving.



Why choose us?

We have been operating tours in Hawaii since 1995. Our reputation is excellent in Trip Advisor and the Better Business Bureau. We’ve earned that reputation by working with the best tour guides, who undergo constant training in safety, driving, customer service, and Hawaiian culture.


We have all of the necessary permits, insurance and licenses to operate legally in Hawaii. Beware of tour companies operating without insurance or PUC licenses.


Our vehicles are the most comfortable. Instead of using 15-passenger vans, we operate mini-coach tour buses with captains chairs and large windows.



What Not to Do

Do not wait until you only have a week left to book. The tour might be sold out and you will miss out on the opportunity for this unforgettable experience. With no risk reservations, there is no reason to wait.



What to Do

The best thing to do now is to choose a date and book the tour. Remember that we have a convenient 48 hour cancellation policy. If your plans change, you can just email us or call at least 48 hours before your tour to let us know that you will not be joining us on the tour. We will refund you or reschedule you at no charge.

THE EXPERIENCE This magical Road to Hana experience will allow you to discover the famous Hana Hi..
THE EXPERIENCE This magical Road to Hana experience will allow you to discover the famous Hana Hi..
THE EXPERIENCE This magical Road to Hana experience will allow you to discover the famous Hana Hi..

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