How you are greeted for your tour

• Our guides always get out of the bus and stand near the door.
• When looking for a guest or party, our guides call everyone by name — “Smith party”. The use of the party’s name helps to establish a more personal relationship with the guest that carries out throughout the day.
• When the party acknowledges their name, our guides and greet with a smile and introduce themselves — “Aloha, my name is Kimo, I’ll be your guide today.”
• The guide then politely asks “Mr./Ms. Smith” for their voucher and continues to form a relationship by asking guest’s where they’re from. “Virginia”
• Our guides invite guests onto the bus with a welcoming motion with one arm and tells the guest to “Please choose any available seat.”
• He then walks them onto the bus and introduces them to other parties — “Virginia, I’d like you to meet, Oklahoma, California, and Australia.” This introduction creates a more comfortable feeling among all guests. By using where they are from, an automatic conversation sparks between the guest, allowing the tour guide to finish the rest of his/her pick-ups.

• We thank guests for choosing DHT and remind them to comment on TripAdvisor.
• We make some suggestions for other activities and restaurants.
• We get out of the bus before the clients in case they need help getting out. (This is true at every stop that we make).
• When they are out of the bus, we thank them personally for joining us.

Patience is difficult at times, but an important role in sharing the Aloha Spirit. There are times when one person can cause a long delay that affects an entire group. Our guides are sure not to put blame on guests, ostracize them, or embarrass them in any way. We show patience for slow and even inconsiderate passengers. This also means compassion for the disabled.

In the Aloha Spirit, modesty and humility come into play on the tour as we make it all about our guests. We limit the personal stories of the guide, that are not relevant to the sites.

Guides are trained to chat with each party at the stops. By the end of the tour, our guides have learned a little about each person on the bus. Each person feels special and is comfortable asking questions without any hesitation or feelings of embarrassment.

The Hawaiians had a system of gifting, without trading or collecting currency. Like the Hawaiians who gifted, at the end of the tour our guides are happy to have shared the gift of an excellent day.

Although it is not required nor expected, if a guest decides to tip, it is taken as a gift, humbly indicating a job well done. As each guest disembark, our guides offer their assistance down the steps and send each guest off with a warm “aloha and mahalo”.

Maui Vacation Travel Guide

Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago consisting of six main islands, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Hawaii Big Island, Lanai and Molokai. Each island of Hawaii is very unique to itself. Come discover the most enchanting of Hawaii’s islands – Maui! Travel to Maui and enjoy beautiful white sand beaches, exuberant rainforests, waterfalls, breathtaking mountains set as the backdrop of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets in the world. In Maui, you’ll find yourself…

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