Hana History

Road to Hana History and Chronology

The Town of Hana Maui was first discovered and settled between 500 and 800 by the Polynesians.

By1500 Maui Chief Piilani orders a trail system circling Maui to be built. He also built Hawaii largest temple – Piilani Heiau.

In 1768 Queen Kaahu-manu is born in a cave on Hana, Maui
She was King Kamehameha I favorite wife. She is responsible for canceling the kapu system. This system was very complex and had many restrictions. Among this rules, female were not allow to eat with men or eat banana.

In 1790 King Kamehameha I invades Maui and conquers the island. By 1794 King Kamehameha had united all the island under one kingdom and established Lahaina as the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom .

The first sugarcane plantation was started by George Wilfong in 1849. By 1883 there were six plantations operating in the Hana. These were:

  • Kawaipapa Company
  • Kaeleku Sugar Company
  • Hamoa Company
  • Hana Sugar Company
  • Haneoo Company
  • Reciprocity Sugar Company

Between 1900-1940 Hana Maui had a population of 3,500. The town had 2 movie theaters,over 20 store, three barber shops, and several restaurants. So it was a very progressive town.

The sugar enterprise did not last and by 1946 all the sugarcane plantation had closed.

In 1944 Paul Fagan stars The Hana Ranch with 14,000 acres of land and a herd of Herford cattle from Molokai.

In 1946 Paul Fagan started Kauiki Inn, today known as the Hotel Travaasa – Hana.

In April 1, 1946 tidal wave hits the Hana Cost killing 12 people.

From 1950 until today the town of Hana History is mostly about who buys and sell the Hana Hotel and what celebrity is baying land in this paradise

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