Genuine Hawaiian Hospitality

We Bring Aloha Spirit & Hawaiian Culture to Our Tours

We bring the Aloha Spirit and Hawaiian culture to our tours with a three part strategy:

1. Designing the Right Product, Which is Pono or Righteous
• Our narration is made up of short historical, cultural and geological presentations, with many stories explaining the names of trees, natural phenomenon, and legends of the Hawaiian goddess.
• Tour stops are well-coordinated and predetermined, but guides are allowed to be flexible and make changes according to your interests.

2. Hiring the Right Guides — Our Ambassadors of Aloha
• We recognize that we cannot train a guide to have Aloha Spirit; it is something that comes from within. Before hiring a tour guide, they are interviewed multiple times and invited on two tours. We watch their interaction with visitors and the local community.
• We work with guides to refine how things are said, but we only hire those who already possess a sincere Aloha Spirit and want to share it.
• Guides are required to memorize an approved script. The script allows them to focus on guest service instead of worrying about what to say next.
• All DHT guides are required to obtain a commercial driver’s license. The CDL requires more training and testing than non-CDL guides.
• Our tour guides are true Ambassadors of Aloha. Their main focus is on your happiness.

3. Creating a Culture of Aloha & Malama I Ka Aina
• Malama I Ka Aina means to care for the land — showing respect to the environment and culture of Hawaii.
• Our tour guides respect monuments and areas sacred to the Hawaiian culture.
• We refer to our guests as “cousins” to create a feeling of ohana or family.
• Our tour introduction makes sure that our guests understand the meaning of the Hawaiian words ohana (family), and pono (righteousness). Starting the tour with these core concepts creates an atmosphere of Aloha on the bus and through the day.

We’ll Exceed Your Expectations
One important aspect of the Aloha Spirit is unity and togetherness. We create this by introducing everyone to each other by name and where they’re from. This creates a very friendly atmosphere and allows all of our guests to know each other and talk amongst themselves throughout the day.

We refer to our guests as cousins and ohana. It makes the tour group like a family and unites everyone in a positive way. One aspect of the Aloha Spirit is pleasantness. Our guides have memorized entertaining, yet factual scripts that we have studied and written to prevent arguments about politics, sovereignty, race, and religion. These topics are not avoided; instead, they’re discussed in an inoffensive way without opinions or hurtful words used.

Maui Vacation Travel Guide

Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago consisting of six main islands, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Hawaii Big Island, Lanai and Molokai. Each island of Hawaii is very unique to itself. Come discover the most enchanting of Hawaii’s islands – Maui! Travel to Maui and enjoy beautiful white sand beaches, exuberant rainforests, waterfalls, breathtaking mountains set as the backdrop of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets in the world. In Maui, you’ll find yourself…

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