Customer Service is our priority

We Track Complaints & Compliments
We do a daily phone call to record client feedback on each tour. The program continues successfully today. We call passengers daily and say:

“Aloha Mr./Ms. Smith! This is Amy with Discover Hawaii Tours. This is a quality control call about the tour that you took today. Do you have a moment to answer 3 questions?”

1. Did you enjoy your tour today?
2. What would you change about the tour?
3. Would you recommend the tour to others?

The answers are recorded and used to improve tours, reward and train future guides.

The response about our tours is overwhelmingly positive. In fact, since September we have not had a negative comment from a client feedback call on Pearl Harbor tours.

By calling guests, we can better confirm or dismiss the legitimacy of a complaint received about a specific tour or guide. This system has been very helpful in quickly solving problems and identifying causes of complaints. We then can determine if the complaint was preventable or beyond our control.

Customer Service Questionnaires

The other quality assurance program that we have involves our customer service questionnaires. This program has been in effect for over 10 years.
We want customer feedback for product development. Our guide collects the questionnaires from the guest. All of the forms are reviewed by our management team and used for training, commendation, and counseling. Compliments and complaints are tracked by guide and by tour so we can recognize trends.

We have a 99.5% Customer Satisfaction Rating!

The complaints that we take the most seriously are complaints about our guides attitudes or professionalism. Other issues, such as mechanical or timing can be fixed easily, but a poor attitude is not accepted at our company. In 2015, we terminated one guide because we received a complaint about his attitude. That is the only time we got complaints about professionalism.

The most common cause of complaints on tours is an unmet expectation. On our Road to Hana Tour the unmet expectations may be caused ending the tour early do to unsafe weather and State department of Transportation closure of the road or some waterfall. Our customer service staff works diligently with guests to establish clear and reasonable expectations.

If we have a guest that was dissatisfied with our service, this is how we respond:

• We take all complaints very seriously, valid or not.
• We listen and summarize the problem as explained.
• We respond with an apology and work with the guest to agree on a solution that is fair for the guests and reasonable for the complaint.
• Depending on the level of the complaint, we might give a free tour, a partial or a full refund

Maui Vacation Travel Guide

Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago consisting of six main islands, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Hawaii Big Island, Lanai and Molokai. Each island of Hawaii is very unique to itself. Come discover the most enchanting of Hawaii’s islands – Maui! Travel to Maui and enjoy beautiful white sand beaches, exuberant rainforests, waterfalls, breathtaking mountains set as the backdrop of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets in the world. In Maui, you’ll find yourself…

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