What is the Culture in Maui Like?

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Maui is a magic isle steeped in historic traditions and cultural uniqueness. If you want to savor the multicultural diversity of the Hawaiian Islands and take part in an exhilarating adventure that will take you from mountain trails to pristine beaches, choosing to stay in Maui will give you a cultural experience you will never forget. Rich with Hawaiian legends, Maui is the only island in the chain named after a Hawaiian deity. In one legend, the half man, half god was said to have magically pulled the islands up from the sea with a fishhook. You can learn more of the ancient stories of this fabled land in the traditional chant, song, and dance of a Maui luau.


Paddling outrigger canoes, the first ancestors of today’s Hawaiians followed the stars and birds across the sea during the great Polynesian migration. For more than 1,000 years following the arrival of these first settlers, Maui's history is one of wars and conquests, with one king after another reigning over the island and its peoples. 


In 1778, Stone-Age Maui was catapulted overnight into the Iron Age with the arrival of Capt. James Cook, the first white man (haole) to set foot on this tropical paradise. In 1819, the first whaling ship dropped anchor in Lahaina which quickly became a thriving port for the whaling industry. Maui’s first sugar mill began operations in 1828. As the sugar industry in the islands grew, an influx of plantation workers from China, Japan, Puerto Rico, Korea, the Philippines, Portugal and Europe arrived in Maui. These immigrants became the foundation of the multi-ethnic culture that permeates daily life on Maui today. 


Despite the ethnic diversity of Maui, its people have carefully preserved the early culture and customs of its origins. Maui residents continue to practice and keep their ancient traditions alive so that visitors can discover and appreciate the culture and creative influences the island offers. If you love learning more about ethnic Hawaiian history, music and dance, you will enjoy a fabulous and rich reward during your stay at Maui Island.


Magical Maui is a strategically located island in the Hawaiian archipelago and is the most sought-after venue for luaus that feature traditional Hawaiian dances and authentic foods. Watch hula dancers weave ancient stories through their dance and be entertained by the unique sounds of Hawaiian music as you enjoy succulent pit-roasted pork served with poi, a Hawaiian staple since its earliest times. 


Tropical Maui is world-renowned for its long stretches of exotic beaches and the landmark Haleakala Crater, the House of the Sun. This island paradise is also the breeding ground for the majestic Humpback whale. These most grand and glorious giants of Creation winter here before returning to Alaska. Come to Maui and see! 

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