What are the Best Tours in Maui During Summer 2017?

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Best Maui Tours


The Island of Maui, also known as the Valley Isle, is Hawaii’s second largest island and home to a wide variety of visitor attractions. On Maui, you can find everything from miles of pristine white sand beaches to tours of historic towns filled with rich history and endless culture. Maui visitors will also find an infinite array of ocean and water related activities overlooking scenic landscapes. 


Visitors should plan enough time to participate in a few essential Maui activities during their summer 2017 vacation. One highlight is the drive to the remote town of Hana, located on the island’s north side. A 60 mile stretch of road, known as Hana Highway, links the isolated town of Hana with the rest of Maui. The drive is quite a journey but offers some of the most breathtaking scenery on the island. 


Get ready for the ultimate adventure on the Magic Isle. East Maui isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey. Here you’ll wind your way through a tropical rainforest punctuated by dramatic waterfalls. You might even become bewitched by the lushness of the landscape, the sparkling lagoons, and fabled history. If you’re looking to spark the imagination or inspire a fairy tale, East Maui is not to be missed.


Once you’re in West Maui, it’s easy to see why this region was one a retreat for Hawaiian royalty and why it remains popular today. The glorious beaches beckon you. Here is where seasonal whale watching is at its best. Come luxuriate on the warm, golden sand and refresh yourself with a dip in the turquoise water. Then stop over in Lahaina, a historic town that looks much like it did when it was a 19th century whaling village.


Feast your eyes on bamboo jungles, breezy Eucalyptus groves & roadside fruit stands.


Paia Town:

Check out the diverse range of people. It's the "surfing capital of the world!"


Waianapanapa State Park and Beach:

The black sand on an ancient lava flow includes sea cliffs, lava tubes, arches and the beach!


The lush tropical beauty and constantly changing vistas of the Hana coastline are world-famous! Explore the secrets of the lush tropical beauty of Maui's... - See more at: http://www.polyadhawaiitours.com/maui-tours.html#sthash.p3MQgron.dpuf


Maui's Spectacular Haleakala Sunrise Tour

Come to the "House of the Sun" where ancient Hawaiian myths tells how their demi-god Maui lassoed the Sun! Start your day on top of the world! - See more at: http://www.polyadhawaiitours.com/maui-tours.html#sthash.p3MQgron.dpuf


Stand in the shadow of heroes as you experience the bookends of WWII! On thi - See more at: http://www.polyadhawaiitours.com/maui-tours.html#sthash.p3MQgron.dpuf


What is included in a Maui Tour? (Specific to Discover Hawaii Tours)
Maui Tour Companies

Discover Hawaii Tours is committed to providing small-group tours, with no more than 24 passengers per bus. You will enjoy an intimate and authentic Hawaiian experience with the personalized service of an expert local guide knowledgeable in all aspects of Hawaii’s history, ancient and modern, as well as extensive expertise in Hawaiian ecology, geology (volcanoes!) and wildlife. Discover Hawaii Tour guides will regale you with the mythology, folklore and legendary traditions of this tropical island paradise. Unlock the treasures of Maui and create lifelong memories with this award-winning Maui tour company.


The world-famous Road to Hana is not a destination, but a journey through magical landscapes and fabled history to the very heart of old Hawaii. With more than 600 curves and 59 one-lane bridges to cross, this tour transports you through tropical rainforests and breathtaking waterfalls of more than 200 feet. Swimming in the lagoons at the feet of the falls is a memorable tropical delight. Breathe in the heady fragrance of spectacular rainbow eucalyptus groves and marvel at the giant stands of bamboo trees, punctuated by stops at black sand and white sand beaches that will stun you with their pristine island perfection.


No visit to magical Maui is complete without a trip to Pearl Harbor’s WWII battleships, memorials, and museums. Stand in the shadows of heroes at the National Cemetery of the Pacific where 776 American casualties of the Dec 7, 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor are entombed.


Maui’s strategic location in the island chain makes it ideal for island-hopping with Discover Hawaii Tours. Stand in awe of the primordial volcanic forces that shaped this Pacific island archipelago on the Big Island Volcano Eco Tour. Feel the heat of superheated volcanic steam through the soles of your feet at Mount Kilauea. The volcanic wonders of the Big Island include the Kilauea Caldera which has been erupting continuously since 1983. The lava flows of Kilauea create an ever-evolving landscape of raw and natural beauty ranging from barren lava fields to lush tropical rainforest.


Maui tour companies offer you close-up and intimate experiences with all the wonders this land of mystery and magic contain. Catch a catamaran and spend a day snorkeling in the crystalline waters of Molokini Crater off the coast of Maui. Molokini is a marine sanctuary with over 250 species of fish and its sheltered location within the extinct caldera guarantees unparalleled visibility no matter the wind or wave conditions. You will gasp in wonder and delight as you swim with the marine life in this underwater tropical playground. After Molokini, set sail for the marine reefs off the beautiful coast of Lanai. The reefs burgeon with richly diverse ocean life and provide sanctuary to spinner and bottlenose dolphin populations, as well.

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