How Far Ahead Should I Book a Tour from Maui?

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Why wait until you arrive at your island hotel to start planning your Hawaiian adventure? The very best reason to book your tours from Maui before your arrival is so that you can spend all your vacation time reveling in the treasures and delights of this tropical paradise.


There are several advantages to booking your Maui tours in advance of your travel time.  It is not unusual for some tours to book full up to two months in advance. Hawaii is a magical land that generously rewards its visitors with amazing scenery, natural wonders, and a unique history.  Discover Hawaii Tours are expertly planned to give you an exciting and unforgettable experience as you encounter the marvels of this tropical wonderland. By booking your tours in advance of your vacation, you won’t miss out on any of the remarkable adventures that await you in Hawaii. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the professional local guide that accompanies each tour will give you an insider’s perspective into the majestic mysteries of this fabled Pacific archipelago.


As a savvy traveler, another reason to book in advance is that it gives you the opportunity to build an itinerary so that you can make the most of your stay in Hawaii. With a schedule in place, you’ll be able to plan your hang out at the beach days, shopping trips, and any other vacation activities you’re interested in. Be sure to schedule in time for swimming and snorkeling in the warm tropical waters off of Maui’s world-renowned beaches!


The delightfully warm Hawaiian climate lures many people to its tropical island shores in the wintertime. Winter vacations in Hawaii are perennially popular and various tours and activities may book up quickly. Christmas time and February should be planned for as much as a year in advance as people come to Hawaii to escape the cold winter weather of their hometowns.


Only during the winter months are you guaranteed to have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear the siren songs of the magnificent humpback whales off Maui coasts. You’ll have close up views of mothers interacting with their calves as well as watch  the massive male humpbacks as they vie for the romantic attention of the females. You’ll even listen in to their spine-chilling, wild and eerie whale-song through the Pacific Whale Foundation’s hydrophones.  Never-to-be-forgotten is the spectacular sight of a humpback’s tail flutes as it dives into the ocean deep! Be sure to book your winter whale-watching tour with Discover Hawaii Tours well in advance of your vacation time to make sure you experience the glory of these most marvelous of creatures. 


What interisland tours from Maui does Discover Hawaii Tours offer?
Hawaii Interisland Tours From Maui ( may be helpful


As you soak up the tropical pleasures of Maui, consider visiting one or more of the island splendors of the grand state of Hawaii. You don’t have to maroon yourself on Maui; double or triple your island adventures. With Hawaii Inter-Island Tours from Maui, you’re just a quick island-hopping flight away from the most treasured spots in Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii. You have access to any tour or activity you see available on other islands with airfare-included inter-island tours.


Visit Oahu for a tour that gives you a comprehensive overview of the historic treasures of Pearl Harbor and splendid Honolulu. As you fly out of Maui your senses will soar in wonder at the stunning views of a hidden waterfall, exuberantly green valleys, extinct volcanoes, and the majestic sea cliffs of Molokai - the tallest sea cliffs in the world! As you board the USS Arizona Memorial, you will be struck with the solemn dignity of this salute to the sailors forever entombed within the wreckage. Weep as you view the “Black Tears of the Arizona,” the oil rising from the silent remains of this once-great battleship now at rest on the ocean floor of Pearl Harbor. Variations of this tour include trips to the Dole pineapple plantation and Oahu’s most popular paid attraction - the Polynesian Cultural Center – where you’ll enjoy a mouthwatering buffet of island favorites.


No trip to the Hawaiian Islands is complete without a close-up encounter with the massive volcanoes that gave violent birth to this stunning Pacific island chain. Take an inter-island hop to Big Island and travel to the heart of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to explore the spectacular wonders of one of the world’s most active volcanoes – the famed Mount Kilauea – continuously erupting since 1983.  Within the park you’ll take in the glow of flowing lava and feel the heat of underground freshwater heated by volcanic action as you hike to the volcanic vents spouting plumes of steam.


On another day, you can take the Molokai Princess ferry across the Molokai Channel to the secluded island of Molokai. The channel teems with tropical marine wildlife, offering spectacular viewing opportunities. Molokai is home to many famous locales including the Father Damien Churches on the isolated Kalaupapa Peninsula. Leprosy once ravaged Maui and those afflicted were exiled to this lonely site. Father Damien volunteered to care for them and built a lepers colony that functioned as a community for the victims, eventually falling victim, himself, to the terrible disease.

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