3 Awesome Tours on Maui, Hawaii

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Staying on the island of Maui? Eager to look around and explore the island or even the wide open ocean? With Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours, you can easily get a spot on a boat tour or an island tour. 


If you’d like to get off the island of Maui for a bit, one of the many things to do in Maui is to take a snorkeling tour. With Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours, there are lots of options for snorkeling tours. Join the Molokini and Lanai Wild Dolphin Snorkel Tour for a chance to swim with the dolphins! Molokini is a unique and beautiful landmark in the oceans off of Maui. Formed by a half-submerged, volcanic crater, Molokini is now home to some of the most abundant wildlife in the Hawaiian Islands, and it is the site of incredible snorkeling opportunities. While you snorkel through the peaceful waters, you’re able to see the two hundred and fifty different species of wildlife that call the Molokini Crater home. For another incredible snorkeling experience, the Molokini and Turtle Arches Snorkel Tour is also available. You’ll get to experience all the beauty of Molokini and also have a chance to snorkel at the spot known as Turtle Arches. This stretch of reef is known for its underwater lava arches and abundance of green sea turtles that call the reef home!


The best tour of Maui by far is the Road to Hana Eco Adventure Tour, available right on the island of Maui. This trip not only includes a ride around the complete Hana Highway—nearly sixty-eight miles of curvy highway—but also a chance to see some of Maui’s incredible scenery and wildlife. Be taken away by the sight of secluded waterfalls. You’ll be speechless when you see the incredible rainbow eucalyptus trees—trees with bark that appears to be all the colors of the rainbow! You’ll see some of the world’s best white sand beaches as well as take a break to look at a few incredible black sand beaches, created by the lava flow of active volcanoes. For a chance to take in all the island has to offer in a single, whirl-wind tour, the Road to Hana Eco Adventure Tour is the best option for you!


On any one of these tours that you choose, you’ll be guided the entire way by a knowledgeable and experience tour guide. They’ll keep you company aboard the bus or boat and answer any questions you might have! Don’t wait another minute to book a seat on one of these incredible trips! It’s the chance of a lifetime to see Maui in a whole new way!

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